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Excellent DentistryFor Nearly 40 Years

At NW Dental, we provide excellent general dentistry to all of our dental patients. For nearly 40 years, Dr. Allen Lee has been perfecting the practice of dentistry in the Northwest Houston and Cypress area. Our dental clinic offers a variety of general dentistry services to allow patients to achieve their most beautiful and healthy smiles.


Preventative DentistryDental Fillings

Dental fillings is a common dental procedure at our Northwest and Cypress area dental clinic. Cavities can be a problem for all patients young and old. Even patients are are proactive in maintaining their oral health, cavities can still arise causing further problems or nuisance. Depending on the extent of tooth decay a cavity can often cause milk or severe pain. Therefore it is important to deal with cavities in the quickest and most efficient method to ensure the tooth remains healthy, which are dental fillings. Regular dental checkups and cleaning every six months will prevent cavities leading to worsening issues requiring more invasive dental treatments like dental crowns or even root canals.


Protect Your SmileDental Cleanings

To keep your teeth healthy a dental cleaning should be performed every 6 months. Undergoing a thorough dental cleaning at our dental clinic in Northwest Houston or Cypress twice per year is important to ensuring your teeth and gums are healthy and beautiful. A dental cleaning allows our dentists and dental hygienists to check for plaque buildup, gum disease, cavities as well as to check between and around teeth for problem areas. A thorough dental cleaning will also ensure removal of hardened plaque and is finishes with a complete polishing of your teeth. At home, it is important to remember to brush, floss, and rinse with antiseptic mouthwash.


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