Giving Back

Giving Back

A Foundation To Build a Community

When Dr. Allen Lee founded NW Dental in 1984 he wanted to build the practice as a foundation that would allow us to give back to the community of which we are part of. Today NW Dental is the proud sponsors of Lee’s Golden Dragon, a non-profit Chinese traditional performance art troupe that gives young adults an outlet to express themselves as individuals while learning to build a community of excellence, camaraderie, and love for the culture and tradition of lion and dragon dancing. The group exposes the timeless art form to people and students in schools, churches, cultural events, and they perform throughout Houston and Texas as well as nationally and internationally.

Dr. Lee leading a young group of performers in 2001.

Dr. Lee has spent his adult life mentoring these young adults to encourage them to make positive choices, to build long-lasting relationships for themselves, to promote high self-esteem, and to support academic achievement and introduce new ideas. The value system of the group cultivates positive and healthy development amongst its members by offering them guidance and support as they mature. When the members become adults themselves they pass on their knowledge and wisdom by mentoring the next generation. As a result, the work of NW Dental in supporting Lee’s Golden Dragon has fostered positive contributions to the lives of young adults growing up in the Houston area for generations.

Lee's Golden Dragon performing for elementary school children in Houston, Tx.

For Generations to Come

NW Dental wishes to grow Lee’s Golden Dragon so that we may continue to make a positive impact on young adults in the Houston community. In the near future NW Dental will support LGD in their first official training space. For the past 30 years the group has been humbly practicing in the rear parking lot of NW Dental’s first office location on Hwy 290 and Bingle. They also used the office’s garage to store their costumes and equipment. Now that NW Dental has moved, we are searching for a permanent and dedicated location for the team to train at.

Dr. Lee and Lee's Golden Dragon during the 2019 Lunar New Year.

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